Memory Stick PRO PCI Driver Update Program version 2.00.1104.0

This Driver update will provide Memory Stick Pro support to the following model:

  • PCV-LX2


This Driver update will provide Support for Memory Stick PRO on the following conditions:

  • This Memory Stick PRO Driver Update Program ONLY provide support for reading and accessing the High Memory capacity of Memory Stick PRO.
  • This Memory Stick PRO Driver Update Program does not support High Speed transfer rate and data security feature that Native Memory Stick PRO device supports.

NOTE: To be able to format Memory Stick PRO Media, theMemory Stick Pro Formattersoftware must be installed having downloaded Memory Stick PRO Driver Update Program. To install Memory Stick Pro Formatter,click here.

1.Download and unzip the Update driver

  1. Download Memory Stick PRO Driver Update Program to a download directory (please note this directory for reference).
  2. Go to the download directory, and double clickMSPRO_PCI_20011040.exe.
  3. ClickUnzip- The file will be extracted to newly created directory.
  4. ClickCloseto exit WinZip Self-Extractor program.

2. Update procedure

  1. ClickStart, right-clickMy Computerand clickProperties.
  2. Click theHardwaretab and clickDevice Manager.
  3. Click[+]of Memory Stick controllers, and double clickSony Memory Stick controller (PCI).
  4. Sony Memory Stick controller Propertiesappears, selectDrivertab and clickUpdate Driver.
  5. At the installation wizard, selectInstallfrom a list or specific location(Advanced)and clickNext.
  6. WhenPlease choose your search and installation optionsdialog appears, selectDon"t search. I will chose the driver to installand clickNext.
  7. When the driver select screen is displayed, clickHave Disk.
  8. Install From Diskappears, and clickBrowse.
  9. Select theC:\MS PRO PCI Driver Update 2.00.1104.0\file you have downloaded and clickOpen.
  10. Check that the file is selected atCopy manufacture’s files from, and click OK.
  11. The new driver is installed automatically, andFinish Hardware Update Wizardappears, clickFinish.
  12. You have successfully completed updating the driver

NOTE: Make sure that you have installed Memory Stick Pro Formatter.

File Info

File Name

  • MSPRO_PCI_20011040.exe

File architecture

  • 32 bit

File Size

  • 64 Kb

Release Date

  • 51-32-2003