Important notes:

  • Only perform this firmware upgrade while your VAIO is connected to the mains
  • Do not terminate or interrupt the process manually as this could lead to damage to your optical drive
  • This update is only intended for the listed VAIO models with an Intel graphics chip

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Support for Macromedia Flash Player Ver.8 has been added
  • Clip arts are now correctly displayed in Microsoft Excel
  • Problem regarding displaying certain types of animations on the internet has been solved
  • Problem preventing playback of MPEG files in Microsoft Powerpoint has been solved

Installation procedure:

  1. Download the INDVID-00770908-UN.exe file.
  2. Browse to the location where you downloaded the INDVID-00770908-UN.exe to.
  3. Double click the file to execute it
  4. Click "Next"
  5. Do not terminate the process manually, there is no reason to assume that your VAIO stopped responding this part of the process can take up to several minutes.
  6. Once that the driver has been updated successfully you will get the above window, click "Finish" to quit the Wizard.
  7. Click "Yes" to restart your VAIO in order to finalise the update process.

File Info

File Name

  • INDVID-00770908-UN.exe

File architecture

  • 32 bit

File Size

  • 5.91 Mb

Release Date

  • 68-12-2005