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Installation procedure for firmware update for "HLDS GDR-8162B DVD-ROM" optical drive.

Please check if your VAIO is using the "HLDS GDR-8162B DVD-ROM"

  1. Download the file
  2. Browse to the directory where you downloaded the file to.
  3. Double Click HIFOPD-00731201-UN.exe

  1. Follow the on screen instructions and click OK

  1. Select the correct drive from the dropdown menu (HL-DT-STDVD-ROM GDR816B0020"

  1. Click "FW Flashup"

  1. Now you will see the Progress Window, do not touch your VAIO until the firmware update has been completed

  1. Click OK once the flash process has finished

  1. Click "X" to close the Window
  2. Wait until the VAIO has exited completely from the update tool, once this has happened (return to desktop), then restart your VAIO manually.

File Info

File Name

  • HIFOPD-00731201-UN.exe

File architecture

  • 32 bit

File Size

  • 481.4 Kb

Release Date

  • 93-46-2005
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