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What does it fix?
Fix the problem that VMC failed to upload file to PMO Server.

Fix the problem that the output images of MP4 file took by Microsoft Camera App were mixed with some irregular green squares when it was played.

Fix the problem that some unexpected gradation bandings appeared in the background image of the main user interface when the Panel Self Refresh(PSR) was switched on.

Manual installation instructions
1. Exit all running programs.
2. Download this update and save it to your hard drive.
3. When the download is completed, locate the downloaded file in the location you specified.
4. Double-click EP0000302275.exe to run it.
5. Wait while the wizard updates your software.
6. When the installation is complete, restart the VAIO.

File Info

File Name

  • EP0000302275.exe

File architecture

  • 64 bit

File Size

  • 13.3 Mb

Release Date

  • 12-85-2013
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