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Applicable Models

This information is for the following models:
  • KD-65XE7096
  • KD-65XE7093
  • KD-65XE7005
  • KD-65XE7004
  • KD-65XE7003
  • KD-65XE7002
  • KD-55XE7096
  • KD-55XE7093
  • KD-55XE7077
  • KD-55XE7073
  • KD-55XE7005
  • KD-55XE7004
  • KD-55XE7003
  • KD-55XE7002
  • KD-55XE7000
  • KD-49XE7096
  • KD-49XE7093
  • KD-49XE7077
  • KD-49XE7073
  • KD-49XE7005
  • KD-49XE7004
  • KD-49XE7003
  • KD-49XE7002
  • KD-49XE7000
  • KD-43XE7096
  • KD-43XE7093
  • KD-43XE7077
  • KD-43XE7073
  • KD-43XE7005
  • KD-43XE7004
  • KD-43XE7003
  • KD-43XE7002
  • KD-43XE7000

About this download

Benefits and improvements from the latest update

  • Fixes an issue where the TV was unable to display photos when transferring photos from Sony ILCE-6300 camera via Wi-Fi Direct
  • Fixes an issue where the Privacy Policy message appears when launching Internet services
  • Fixes an issue where YouTube videos are unable to load
  • Fixes an issue where the remote control stops working after turning the Wi-Fi function Off/On
  • Fixes an issue where the TV freezes after connecting a USB device that uses the Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)
  • Fixes an issue where the YouTube interface language does not match the language selected on the TV
  • Improves performance and stability of the Action Menu features
  • Improves general performance of the TV

Previous Benefits and Improvements

  • Fixes an issue where the colour was inaccurately displayed for 4K images after changing channels
  • Improves performance and stability of overall UI operation
  • Improves performance and stability of the Action Menu features
  • Improves general performance of the TV


Only for use with TV sold in Europe. Not all models are sold in all countries.


Check the software version

Your firmware may already be up to date, especially if you have a new Bravia TV model. If you're not sure, it's easy to check which version of firmware you have follow these instructions to check it.

System Requirements

What You Need

  • a computer with access to the Internet
  • a USB memory stick
  • a compatible TV

File Info

File Name

  • Firmware update to v8.439 for TV

Zip File Name


File Version

  • 8.439

File Size

  • 219,922,516 bytes

Release Date

  • 23-08-2017


Follow the simple steps below to update your TV firmware. Once you have updated, all your personal settings on the TV will remain the same.

How to make sure the update goes smoothly

Updating is usually very simple. Here's how you can make sure it goes right first time:

  • Read the instructions carefully or you could end up causing the TV to become unresponsive or require a repair.
  • Don't turn the TV off - or disconnect it from the power - while it's updating.
  • Don't press any buttons, except the ones mentioned in the instructions.
  • Stop any recording before you start with the firmware update.

Download the update

Before you install the update, you'll need to download it from the internet and save it to a USB stick

  1. Read and accept the terms and conditions below and click download file.
  2. When prompted, save the file to your Desktop. When the update download is complete, check that the file size is 219,922,516 bytes. To do this, right click the file, select properties and check the size in the General tab.
  3. Open Windows Explorer, locate the downloaded, and unzip it. A folder called sony_dtv02B40B09B4B9_00200100 will now be created in your local drive.
  4. Copy the folder to your USB device.

Install the update

Once you've downloaded the update file, you can install it on your TV. Just follow the simple steps below.

The process can take up to 3 minutes and during the installation your TV will turn off before turning itself back on.

  1. Turn on the TV
  2. Insert your USB device containing the file sony_dtv02B40B09B4B9_00200100 into the USB slot of the TV set
  3. Using the remote control press HOME to open the HOME MENU
  4. Select Settings,and press Enteru sing the remote control
  5. Select Customer support and press Enter using the remote control
  6. Highlight Software Update > USB and press Enter using the remote control
  7. A series of different messages will appear on the TV screen - follow the on screen instructions
  8. The update will start and an orange Led light will start blinking on the front panel of the TV. - Do not remove the USB or turn off the TV.
  9. When the "Firmware update complete" message is displayed on the TV set, the TV will turn off and then turn back on to complete the update.- Do not remove the USB device or turn off the TV set.
  10. After the TV turn back on, remove your USB device from the USB slot.

Check the update was successful:

  1. Turn on your TV and press the HOME button on the remote to display the Home Menu
  2. Navigate toSettings, and press Enter.
  3. Navigate to Customer Support and press OK.
  4. On the TV screen, the firmware version number should appear like this: SOFTWARE VERSION v8439- if the version number is v8439 or higher you already have the most recent firmware

Questions & Answers

Need more information? See our FAQs about updating firmware over the internet:

Will my personal settings be deleted after the update?
No, all your personal settings will be kept.

Can I install an older version of Firmware?
To ensure that your TV remains at optimum performance, the installation of an older firmware is not possible.

During the update process the TV turns off
It is normal for the TV to restart during the update process. It will take a longer time for the TV to restart while installing the new firmware.

What to do if you have problems updating your TV firmware using the internet.

One of these messages appears on the TV screen: "An error occurred during the software update", or "Software cannot be updated using this USB device"

  1. Make sure your USB device is in good working order. If it is, try downloading the update file again.
  2. Turn off the TV by pressing the POWER button on the TV set.
  3. Press the POWER button again, and proceed with the installation process again.

"No newer version of the TV software was found" is displayed on the TV front panel display
Your TV already has newest firmware version installed, so you don't need to update it.