Article ID : 00153878 / Last Modified : 17/04/2019

How to troubleshoot a Walkman player that does not turn on or function properly

    • The Walkman player does not turn on when pressing the power button even when fully charged.
    • The Walkman player does not turn on even after turning off the hold function.
    • The Walkman player does not function normally.


    Try to reset (reboot) your Walkman player. If the issue is not solved, charge the player for about 30 minutes, then try to reset again.


    1. Reset your Walkman by pressing the RESET button with a small pin or a similar object. Check if the issue has been solved after the reset.


      • The location of the RESET button differs depending on the model of the player.
      • Stored data and settings would not be deleted, but make sure to pause your music or video playback before performing the reset.
      • Location of the RESET button of main models.
         Location of the RESET button 01
         Location of the RESET button 02
         Location of the RESET button 03
         Location of the RESET button 04

        Press and hold both the DISP/HOME button and the Playback/Pause button for at least 7 seconds.

        [1] RESET button
        [2] DISP/HOME button
        [3] Playback/Pause button

    2. If after the reset, the player doesn't turn on, charge your Walkman using the supplied USB cable for at least 30 minutes and check again. If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.