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How to pair a Walkman player with a Bluetooth audio device

    This solution covers how to pair a Walkman player with a BT audio device, such as Bluetooth headphones, speaker, or A/V receiver with a BT adapter.

    NOTE: This procedure is based on the NWZ-A864 Touchscreen Walkman. However, the steps can be applied to any Walkman with BT capability or with appropriate BT accessory attached to the Walkman. Each Walkman is slightly different so be sure to check the owner’s manual for your specific features and menu options.

    Pairing creates a link, allowing the Walkman to wirelessly transmit music to a compatible Bluetooth device. If your Walkman came in a kit with a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the two may already be paired. Turn both on and play a song to see if the connection is active.

    1. Turn on the Walkman by pressing any button.
      If the word HOLD flashes in yellow at the top of the screen, find the HOLD button on the right edge of the device and slide it to turn it off.
    2. If you see anything other than the HOME screen, press the HOME button at the bottom front of the Walkman. You may need press the HOME button several times depending on which screen you are currently on.

      walkman bluetooth button
    3. Tap the Bluetooth icon to access the Bluetooth menu.
    4. Tap Add Device to pair the Walkman with another Bluetooth device.
      The Walkman will begin searching for another Bluetooth device and will continue to search for 30 seconds.
    5. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the headphones, speaker, or other Bluetooth receiver to put it in pairing mode as well.
      Check these tips if you encounter any Bluetooth connection issues

      Things to remember:

      • The Walkman will scan for 30 seconds so make sure to activate the Bluetooth device within that timeframe. Set the devices within one meter of each other to allow them to complete the pairing process.
      • Some devices may ask for a passcode to complete the pairing process. If you are pairing a Sony product to your Walkman and a passcode is requested, you can enter the numbers 0000. For all other products, consult the manufacturer’s user guide for the correct passcode.