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Walkman is not recognised by the computer

    If the computer does not recognise the Walkman, try the following solutions:

    1. Check the USB connection

    •    Fine dust or dirt particles may prevent recognition. If the Walkman’s port or the USB slot is dirty, clean it with a soft cloth. 
    •    Try different USB ports:  connect the Walkman to all of the PC’s USB ports and check that they recognise the Walkman.   
    •    If you are using an in-between USB hub, remove it and try connecting the Walkman directly to the PC’s USB ports 

    2. Check USB Connection Mode settings 

     Some models have USB Connection Mode Settings. Put the Walkman in connected standby mode before connecting with a computer:

     USB Connection Mode setting method:

    1. Select Settings in the Home menu.
    2. Select Common Settings.
    3. Select USB Connection Mode
    4. Select Yes.


    3. Restart the Walkman and computer

    Restart the Walkman and PC and check if the PC recognises the Walkman.

    4. Reinstall the Walkman device driver

    If the Walkman’s device driver is not correctly installed to the PC, the Walkman won’t be recognised:

    5. Reset (reboot) the Walkman.
    Resetting procedures depend on your model. Consult the manual or help guide of your Walkman model, available on this support website. 
    Alternatively, you can check this article.