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Why can't I find my Sony VAIO PCG-#####X product page?

    Each Sony VAIO carries a black sticker on the bottom with a PCG reference, e.g. PCG-61M2. This reference describes a group of similar models, and is not used for support purposes.

    With the exception of the original VAIO "PCG" series back in 2003, your correct Sony VAIO model name should start with one of the following letter series:

    • SVD - (e.g. SVD1122C5E)
    • SVE - (e.g. SVE1712C5E)
    • SVF - (e.g. SVF1521SSTW)
    • SVP - (e.g. SVP1321C5E)
    • SVS - (e.g. SVS1511C5E)
    • SVT - (e.g. SVT1311M1E)
    • SVZ - (e.g. SVZ1311C5E)
    • VGN - (e.g. VGN-FZ21M)
    • VPC - (e.g. VPCEH2J1R)

    For more information on how to find your correct VAIO model number, please visit

    Here are some examples of incorrect PCG model names you should not be searching for:


    Please be also careful that the model name you are looking for may be from a different region (Americas, Asia-Pacific, etc.). If you cannot find your correct Sony VAIO model name on this website, consider visiting the websites of other regions.

    We hope you will find what you are looking for!