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How to reset a forgotten BIOS password.

    This article allows you to
    • determine which BIOS password system your VAIO uses and
    • how to unlock it.
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    In order to prevent unauthorized access to your VAIO, you can set a BIOS password.
    If a BIOS password is typed wrongly 3 times, your VAIO is locked from access, and assistance from VAIO Support is required to unlock the VAIO.

    OPTION 1: your display shows a 16-digit lock code, and asks for a Onetime Password.

    If you think this happened due a typing error and you want to try again, shut down the VAIO by holding the power button for 5 seconds and reboot.

    In case you cannot retrieve the BIOS password, please go through following steps:

    1. Before we are able to assist, you need to make sure your VAIO is registered correctly.
    2. If this happens outside office hours, we recommend that you just shut down the VAIO until the morning.
    3. When you are ready to contact VAIO Support regarding your issue, boot your VAIO and type a wrong password a few times until you get to the screen which asks for a Onetime Password.
    4. Contact VAIO Support by phone
    5. The agent will verify your contact details. An identity check may be required. Then your Onetime code will be escalated internally for a bypass password.
    6. IMPORTANT: As of now, leave the VAIO switched ON until you receive the Onetime Password.
    7. Within a short timeframe, you will receive a callback from an agent with the Onetime Password, so that you can gain access to your system again.

    OPTION 2: your display states that the VAIO is locked, and shows a 4-digit code and asks for a bypass code.

    The same procedure as above applies. The code will only be 4 digits, and it is not referred to as Onetime Password.

    OPTION 3: your display states the VAIO is locked and asks for a bypass code.

    The same procedure as above applies, but you will only need the Serial Number of your VAIO. Your VAIO does not need to be switched on during the escalation.

    OPTION 4: a few of the older VAIO models cannot be unlocked over the phone.

    Such models need to be unlocked in one of the VAIO Authorized Repair Centres. Please contact VAIO Support for more details.