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The shutter does not release, photos cannot be taken (DSC)

The shutter does not release, photos cannot be taken (DSC)

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The camera may not be able to release the shutter in the following condition:
The battery level is too low
The subject cannot be focused
The flash is not yet fully charged
The memory card or the internal memory is full

If you have checked these items and the camera still does not release please initialize the camera.

1.Open the menu.

2.Go to setup menu.

DSC menu settings

3. Select Main Settings, then select Initialize.

DSC initialize

4. Select OK to reset to default settings.

DSC menu reset

Perform the following test

  • Set the camera to Auto Mode

DSC auto mode

  • Take a test image of an object 1 meter away from the camera in a bright environment, with the zoom set to wide (W).

DSC test image

If the camera does not focus and still does not release and the results can be repeated your device is probably out of order and a repair may be necessary.