Article ID : 00176856 / Last Modified : 07/10/2019

How can I keep focusing on a certain subject?

    The following settings are recommended:

    • Focus mode: AF-C
    • Focus area setting: Lock-on AF

    Follow the steps below:

    1. Select an appropriate focus area for the subject.
      • If the background is simple and the subject is moving actively, select Lock-on AF: Wide.
      • When you can identify the range of the subject’s movement on the monitor to some extent, Lock-on AF: Zone is effective.
      • If the contrast between the subject and the background is strong, or there are other objects in front of the subject and focusing fails in Lock-on AF: Wide or Lock-on AF: Zone, select Lock-on AF: Center or Lock-on AF: Flexible Spot / Expand Flexible Spot.
    2. Align the focusing area displayed on the monitor with the subject, and then press the shutter button halfway down.
    3. Once subject tracking starts, the focusing area switches to wide automatically and the camera maintains the focus. Release the shutter when the desired composition is reached.