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The computer says the driver cannot be found when connecting the camera and installing the software.

    Follow these steps to troubleshoot why the computer displays the message Driver cannot be found when connecting the camera or installing the software.


    • Check the compatibility of your camera and the operating system you are using.
    • This message can be an indication that the operating system of the computer may have been upgraded from the operating system originally installed on the computer, or that you are trying to install the camera software in a multi-boot environment. Unfortunately, proper installation and operation cannot be guaranteed in these situations. The supplied software should only be installed on a computer with a compatible, factory-installed operating system.
    • When importing movies using a camcorder, check Notes on importing movies using a video camera.

    There is no special camera driver from Sony needed for your camera. The driver the camera uses is built into the operating system. This error message indicates that the driver needed for the camera was not included on your computer. For more information, contact or visit your computer manufacturer's website.

    This may also be an indication the computer operating system requires an update. Use the Windows Update utility  to install all available updates for the computer operating system.


    • Importing movies using a video camera:
      • Using a DVD camcorder:
      • Using a flash memory camcorder: Depending on the product, if you turn on the computer after connecting the camcorder via USB, you may not be able to import images. If this happens, first disconnect and then reconnect the cable.