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The shutter does not release, photos cannot be taken.

The shutter does not release, photos cannot be taken

    First check the following conditions:

    • The battery is compatible and inserted correctly in the camera.
    • Use genuine Sony batteries. Make sure the battery comes from an authorized Sony dealer.
    • Let the battery charge several hours before inserting it in the camera.
    • Ensure the lens is correctly attached.
    • Also check that: the subject is focused.
    • Under certain shooting conditions, it may be difficult for the Auto focus system to determine the focus, which may prevent the picture to be taken:
      • Dark environment (the Auto focus system requires a minimum illumination to work properly, otherwise it cannot adjust properly or fast enough).
        Fast moving subject (e.g. children, pets, sport event).
      • When using the zoom (tele setting).
      • Depending on the lens subjects which are closer than the minimum focus distance of the lens cannot be focussed. The minimum focus distance is either printed on the front or the side of the lens on a dedicated focusing scale.

      focusing distance label

      • When using the camera under conditions where the Auto focus function is limited it is recommended to switch to manual focus mode. Some cameras allow to set the camera to Release Priority-mode in the custom menu, so that the camera will release the shutter even when the focus has not been confirmed. Refer to the manual if your camera supports this setting.
      • The flash (if activated) is not loaded. It may take a while for the flash to recharge. While charging the flash, a "flash icon" is displayed. 
        NOTE: The flash cannot be used during burst shooting.
      • The memory card or the internal memory is full. Make sure there is enough remaining capacity.
      • If you are using a memory card with a write-protect switch, and the switch is set to the LOCK position, images cannot be recorded and the shutter will not be released. Set the switch to the recording position.

    SD card lock

    If this does not solve the problem, reset the camera:

    1. Press the "Menu" button on the camera.
    2. Go the "Setup Menu".
    3. Select "Initialize".
    4. Select "Reset" to confirm.

    Then, perform the following test:

    1. Turn the camera on and set the camera in "Auto" mode.

      automode switch
    2. Take a test image of an object 1 meter away from the camera in a bright environment, with the zoom set to wide (W).

      test image
    3. Press the shutter release button half way.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired. If you believe this to be the case, please contact us for further assistance.