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How to register a product in My Sony

    Table of Contents:

    Creating a My Sony account

    To register your product, you'll first have to create a My Sony account.

    A My Sony account allows you to:

    • Enjoy offers and promotions
    • Get extensive product support via registration and the Support By Sony app
    • Connect and meet with the online Sony community

    1. First, go to Sony's official product registration site. After selecting your country from the list provided, you'll be redirected to the My Sony login page.
    2. Click on the Create account tab.
      • You can sign in via your email address or social media accounts (e.g. Google, Facebook).

    Create an account via email

    Create an account via social media

    Registering a product in My Sony

    Once you're logged in to your account, follow the steps below to register your product.

    1. In the My Products menu, select [Register a product].


    1. Or, go to the Register a new product tab in the side menu and fill in your product details.
      • You can use the links available if you're unsure what your model name or serial number is.


    1. Once your product is registered, you'll see it listed in My products. On this page you can:
      • Access product details and support content:
        • Rate and review your product
        • Download Help Guides and instruction manuals
        • Check the latest firmware and software updates
        • View tips, troubleshooting, and FAQs
        • Access the Sony Support repair page
      • Change the product registration information
      • Remove your product from the registered product list
      • Register a new or an additional product

    Using the express registration function

    Alternatively, you can visit the Sony express registration site and fill in your product details:


    If you don't already have a My Sony account, you'll be able to create one at the bottom of the page.

    What if I can't find the product I want to register?

    First, please ensure the product you want to register is a Sony Electronics product. This includes:

    • TV products
    • Audio and video products
    • Mobile (Xperia) products
    • Photography products

    If you have a Sony professional product or a PlayStation console, you should visit one of the following pages:


    • The search function works with either the model (official product) name or marketed name of your device.
    • A market name can differ from the model name (e.g. Alpha 7 = ILCE-7).
    • For accurate results, include the (-) dash when searching via the official product name (e.g. WH-CH720N).

    • Entering your purchase date will help you remember your warranty period.
    • Once you've entered the correct product name, you'll be prompted to provide the serial number, which is optional.

    If you're confident your product is a Sony Electronics product, and you've manually typed the product name but can't find it, select [Can't find your product? Then search by category].


    Use the drop-down menu to help search for your product information.

    If you purchased your product in a region other than Europe (e.g. Asia-Pacific, Americas, etc.), please go to the relevant region's website to register your product. Products purchased outside of Europe cannot currently be registered in My Sony. We apologise for this inconvenience.

    If the above options don't help, your product may be missing from our database.

    Please get in touch with us to confirm this:

    1. Go to the Sony Support Europe site.
    2. After selecting your country from the list provided, you'll be redirected to the Sony Support website.
    3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select Contact us.