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Lens fogs up in hot or cold areas

    Camera lenses can fog up when taking a camera from one temperature extreme to another. It most commonly occurs when going from some place really cold to another location that is really warm or hot, but the opposite also can occur - moving from a hot or warm place to a location that is really cold.

    To resolve lens fogging, remove the battery and recording media in a low-humidity area. Also leave all media, battery, and jack covers open so any moisture that may be trapped inside can evaporate. The camera should be left in this condition for approximately one hour or until it has reached the same temperature as the surrounding environment.


    • To help prevent the lens from fogging, avoid opening the battery, media, and jack covers in a high-humidity environment or near a water source.
    • On cameras with interchangeable lenses, moisture may accumulate inside the lens and camera when the air inside is dry and the air outside is humid. Avoid changing lenses in humid environments.