Article ID : 00185709 / Last Modified : 19/10/2020

CFD-S70 Portable Radio possible CD playback issue

    Dear valued SONY customer,

    Some CFD-S70 Portable Radios may experience an issue where they will not playback music CDs due to a problem with the optical pick-up, the internal part that reads the data recorded on an audio CD. Affected products are identifiable by their serial numbers, as explained in more detail below.

    To address this issue, we will provide you with the necessary support for your affected unit until the 30th November 2021.

    If you have an affected model that doesn't play back music CDs due to the optical pick-up issue, and is within the range of identified serial numbers, please return to your dealer. If their diagnosis confirms that the issue is caused by the optical pick-up failure, they will provide you with the necessary assistance.

    Thank you for your continuous support and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


    How do I know my model might be affected?

    • Make sure to verify if your CDs can be played by other CD players, ensuring the issue is not caused by scratched CDs or other similar factors
    • Verify your product serial number with our serial number checker
    • If your CFD-S70 is experiencing playback issues and has been verified by our serial number checker, please return to your dealer. They will assist you with the process 


    Serial number checker list

    Where can I find my serial number?


    1. The model name and serial number are located at the bottom of the product
    2. The model name CFD-S70 is written on the outside, while the serial number label is pasted inside the battery compartment cover
    3. Open the battery compartment cover to locate the serial number