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I hear camera noises when playing back video recorded on my camera

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    Some internal operating sounds can find their way into your recordings due to the lens and camera structure. The sounds are inaudible in most recording environments but are easier to hear where it is very quiet.

    Try the following tips to lower the chances of external sounds affecting your video recording.

    • There is a possibility of hearing sounds when playing back video content if you used the zoom, dial or button during recording. Try to operate the controls lightly to reduce hearing sounds in the video recording. 
    • Set the zoom speed to low on models with variable zoom speed, such as power zoom or zoom using the zoom lever on the camera or lens.
    • Avoid touching the microphone during the recording to avoid rubbing sounds in your video recording.

    The following tips apply to compatible cameras. To see if your camera includes these functions, please refer to the specifications in your product manual.

    • Minimize operating sounds by connecting an external mic (sold separately) to a compatible camera while recording. 
    • Reduce zoom sounds when the zoom function is assigned to a custom key by setting the zoom speed to low.
    • An external mic (sold separately) with a low-cut function can reduce unwanted noises.