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How can I check the network connectivity for my Wireless Speakers?

    The Music Center (SongPal) app can help you diagnose the network connection between compatible wireless speakers and your access point (usually your router).

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    Proceed as follows to see if there are connectivity issues, or to check the Wi-Fi signal reception strength:

    1. Open the Music Center (SongPal) app.
    2. Tap Speaker & Group
    3. Select the Wireless Speaker for which you want to check connectivity information.
    4. Scroll down in the menu and select Settings.

    5. In the Settings menu, select:
      • Network Connection Diagnosis if you want to check for potential connectivity issues
      • Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check to evaluate the Wi-Fi signal reception strength

      Network Connection

    6. Music Center (SongPal) will then retrieve the relevant diagnosis or signal reception strength for your speaker.

      Network Connection Diagnosis

      Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check

      Connection DiagnosisImage

    If the Network Connection Diagnosis reveals network issues between your Wireless Speaker and your access point/router, you will find tips and hints to help you solve them.

    Similarly, the Troubleshooting guide from the Wi-Fi Signal Strength Check will help you improve network connectivity for your speaker, whether the signal reception is deemed strong enough or not.