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Troubleshooting keyboard and hotkey Issues

    This article enables you to solve the following problems:
    • determining and setting the correct keyboard layout in Windows Vista
    • individual keys do not function
    • individual keys have become detached from the keyboard
    • special function keys do not work
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    Determining and setting the correct keyboard layout

    While a keyboard has usually one particular country-specific keyboard layout printed on it, this printed label is the only difference between different country-specific keyboard layouts. Depending on the keyboard settings of the operating system, pressing keys results in different characters.

    To change these settings, please proceed as follows:

    1. Click Start and select Control Panel.
    2. Click Classic View on the top left.
    3. Click Regional and Language Options (see figure 1).

      Figure 1 - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options

    4. Click on the Keyboard and Languages tab.
    5. Click the Change Keyboards... button (see figure 2).

      Figure 2 - Control Panel - Regional and Language Options - Keyboards and Language

    6. This dialog lists all installed keyboard layouts (see figure 3).

      Figure 3 - Text Services and Input Languages

      Please check if the keyboard layout you want is listed. If more than one layout is installed, Vista will allow switching between the layouts on the fly. If only one layout is installed, it will be active by default.

      1. To Add a keyboard layout, plese click Add, select the desired layout and click OK
        (see figure 4).

        Figure 4 - Add Input Language

      2. To remove an unwanted layout, select it and click Remove.

    7. Click OK to apply the seetings and close the window.

    Individual keys do not function

    1. Click Start.
    2. Click All Programs.
    3. Click Accessories.
    4. Click Notepad.
    5. Please test the keys of your keyboard in this window
      1. If a key produces an unexpected result:
        • Verify that CAPS lock is off by pushing the Caps Lock key and observing the status LED.
        • Verify that NumLock  is off (if you are getting numbers instead of letters on the right hand side of the keyboard) or on (if you are not getting numbers on the numpad) by pushing the NumLk key and observing the status LED.
        • Check the keyboard layout as explained above.
      1. If a key produces no result while a result is expected:
      • Ensure that the key is not a special button like Mute, Volume or Zoom
    6. If the issue has not been resolved by the above, the likely cause is liquid spillage having damaged a part of your keyboard. Liquid spillage is not covered by the warranty and can only be resolved by a chargeable repair or by using a USB keyboard as workaround.

    Special keys / hotkeys / Fn keys do not function

    Most VAIO computers have a few additional special function keys, which are not controlled by the standard keyboard driver.

    If these keys stop functioning, this is usually a problem related to VAIO Event Service.

    Step 1:  click the Start button, type  Services.msc  and press Enter.
    In the list of services, locate VAIO Event Service and verify that the service is started, and startup type is set to Automatic.

    Step 2:  if step 1 did not solve it, or you could not locate VAIO Event Service in the list, you may need to reinstall VAIO Event Service.
    This can be done through Start - VAIO Recovery Center -  Reinstall Programs and Drivers.
    If this option is not available, VAIO Event Service can also be downloaded from the Original Drivers section.

    Step 3: in some cases, some additional related utilities also need to be reinstalled, in the same way as Step 2.  These are:
    • Setting Utility Series
    • Sony Shared Library
    • VAIO Event Service
    • VAIO Control Center
    • Also, if you have installed your own OS, the SFEP driver needs to be correctly installed in Device Manager for some models.  If applicable, you will find this driver in the  Original Drivers section.

    Some keys are producing numbers instead of letters

    The area on the right side of the keyboard may serve as a numpad when you are working with numbers instead of text.  To enable or disable this feature, press the Num Lk button on the top right side of your keyboard.

    Individual keys have become detached from the keyboard

    If one or more keys on a keyboard has become detached the cause is typically physical damage, which is not covered by the warranty.  

    One or more keys is not responding to key presses anymore

    If one or more keys on a keyboard do not respond anymore, test if this problem also appears in a standard text editor such as Notepad.  If so, your keyboard may require service.

    Wireless keyboard not working

    Step 1: Ensure the keyboard has enough charge to operate. You may need to check and replace the batteries if needed. If your keyboard features built-in, non removable battery, then leave it on the charger for at least 30 min ensuring the battery LED indicates charging. Then try again.

    Step 2: Verify if the keyboard operates when in BIOS. If it does, the issue may be related to your Windows settings. To resolve please perform Full System Recovery. If the keyboard also not operational in BIOS settings continue to Step 3.

    Step 3: Try to pair the keyboard with the unit. Please refer to the User's Manual for the exact pairing procedure.

    In case all above fails please contact your VAIO Support.