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What to do in case of physical damage

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This article provides some guidelines on preventing damage, and informs you what to do if it does occur.
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A. How to prevent physical damage

Your probably arrived at this article because your VAIO did suffer physical damage.  Allow us though to provide a couple of advises which would prevent the majority of causes of physical damage:

  • Keep the computer safe from external condtions, such as pressure, moist, kids, animals, sharp objects, ...
  • Do not eat or drink near the computer.
  • Be careful with your notebook - do read and follow the Ergonomics and Safety guidelines provided in your documentation.
  • Make sure the computer is switched off, or is in standby when carrying.  Shocks can damage an operating hard disk.

B. What if physical damage does occur

Please take into account that under the terms and conditions of your guarantee, physical damage is considered out of warranty.

When you contact our services, a first indication can be provided of how much an assessment of the damage will cost.  Once the VAIO arrives at the repair center, the damage is assessed and the price of the repair can be quoted.

If you think the damage on your VAIO is not caused by external factors, it will be analyzed in the repair center.  You will be clearly informed about the conclusion of this analysis, based on which you can decide how to move forward.
If the analysis showed that the damaged is covered by the guarantee, the VAIO will be repaired and returned to you without further communication.