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How to prevent applications from running at startup

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Warning:  this procedure allows you to disable programs which may be required for specific functionality.  Take note of the changes you apply, so that you can always revert them later on.

Msconfig - Startup

Preventing applications from running at startup can be done with the utility Msconfig

  • In Windows Vista / 7 : click the Start Orb, type msconfig and press Enter
  • In Windows XP: click Start - Run, type msconfig and press Enter
When the tool has started, select the tab Startup

><br> <figure>Figure 1 - msconfig - startup</figure></p> <p>When the tool has started, select the tab <span style=

The programs which automatically start are listed here.  You can unselect the ones you do not want to run automatically at boot.
A reboot is required to make the changes effective.

Msconfig - Services

For additional troubleshooting, specific Services can also be disabled.  This option can be used in the same way as above.

Warning:  use this option with caution, as disabling specific services may render your system unstable or unusable.

Figure 2 - msconfig - services

This option should only be used for troubleshooting purposes.  If you want to change properties for services for system environment configuration purposes, the tool Services.msc should be used.