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Important information when choosing your anti-virus solution (fall 2012)

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Important information when choosing your anti-virus solution (Fall 2012 models) 

Dear Customer,

To enable you to enjoy your VAIO safely and securely, VAIO and McAfee have pre-installed a 30-day trial of McAfee Internet Security on your PC. McAfee Internet Security provides maximum protection for you and your VAIO while banking, purchasing or socializing online. You can activate McAfee Internet Security by simply clicking on the McAfee icon.


Should you want to replace McAfee Internet Security with any other anti-virus software, we recommend you to run the MCPR clean-up tool, in order to remove all files related to McAfee Internet Security, and to remove McAfee Parental Controls.


  • Open Control Panel,
  • Double click on "Programs and features",
  • Select "McAfee Parental Controls",
  • Click "Uninstall/Change",
  • The McAfee Parental Controls uninstaller is launched,
    • When McAfee Parental Controls is configured, enter the administrator password and click "Remove".
    • When McAfee Parental Controls is not configured, the removal is automatically started.
  • Download the MCPR tool form the following link:
  • Run the tool and follow the steps mentioned.
  • Re-boot your VAIO.

Important remark: the MCPR clean-up tool will not only remove McAfee Internet Security from your PC, but also (in case installed) McAfee AntiVirusPlus, McAfee Total Protection and McAfee Online Backup.