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    Master Cut (Beta)

    How can I reduce the time for importing videos? How can I replace proxy movies with the original movies?

    Feature overview

    The small file size of proxy movies can reduce the time required for importing to Master Cut (Beta).
    By selecting video to edit from a list of proxy movies, using the proxy movies for editing, and then importing the original movies at the step of exporting, you can replace the proxy movies with the original movies.

    Preparations before recording

    Set up your camera as follows to record proxy movies at the same time.

    • For details, refer to the camera help guide.
      ILCE-1, ILCE-7SM3
      MENU [Shooting] → [Image Quality/Rec] → [Proxy Settings] → [Proxy Recording] → [On]
      ILCE-9M3, ILCE-7RM5, ILCE-7CR, ILCE-7CM2, ILCE-6700, ZV-E1, ZV-1F, ZV1M2, ILME-FX3, ILME-FX30, ILX-LR1
      MENU [Shooting] → [Image Quality/Rec] → [Proxy Settings] → [Proxy Recording] → [On]
      ILCE-7C, ZV-1, DSC-RX100M7, DSC-RX0M2
      MENU [Camera Settings2] → [Proxy Recording] → [On]
      MENU [Shooting] → [Image Quality] → [Proxy Settings] → [Proxy Recording] → [On]
      MENU [Camera Settings2] → [Proxy Recording] → [On]

    Steps to follow

    1. Import proxy movies to your project.
    2. Add videos for editing to the editing area.
    3. Use proxy movies for editing.
    4. Replace with original movies at the step of exporting.


    • Proxy movies recorded with cameras that support this feature are stored in the following folders on memory cards.
      • SD cards: PRIVATE > M4ROOT > SUB
      • CFexpress Type A memory cards: M4ROOT > SUB
    • To import original movies, specify the folder where they are stored. Only the files that are needed will be automatically imported. (Files in your specified folder and subfolders at that level are found.)
    • If the original movies are in multiple folders, repeat this step multiple times to import them.
    • When using a tablet to import original movies, if you select multiple files as candidates for the original movies, only the files in your selection that are needed will be automatically imported.
    • If you have renamed either the proxy movies or the original movies, you will need to specify the original movies manually from [Import video] to import them. Original movies imported manually are automatically associated with the proxy movies when you import them to Master Cut (Beta), even if their file names do not match the proxy movies names.
    • Any unsupported original movies that are imported cannot be used to replace proxy movies before exporting. Before exporting, either clear [Replace proxy movies with original movies before export] or remove the original movies you imported.

    Proxy movie precautions

    • There may be some differences between the results of sound correction as performed with proxy movies and with original movies. If the results of sound correction using proxy movies are distracting, import the original movies and use them for sound correction instead.