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    Master Cut (Beta)

    Selecting videos to edit

    Select videos to edit from the video list area on the editing screen, and then select [ Add to the editing area].
    You can also add videos by dragging them to the editing area.

    If you will add multiple videos to the editing area, select [ Multiple select] in the upper right in the video list area, which will display selection check boxes over the videos.

    Editing screen, with imported videos in the video list area. In the upper right of the video list area, the Add to the editing area button is highlighted.
    • To remove clips added to the editing area, select the clip, and then select [ Delete] in the upper right of the editing area.
    • Drag clips added to the editing area to rearrange them. Otherwise you can select a clip, choose [Move] to display marks indicating available positions, and then choose a position.
    • Videos and clips can also be selected with keyboard shortcuts. List of keyboard shortcuts

    AI grouping

    Select [ AI grouping] in the video list area to automatically group imported videos.
    You can select videos to edit while viewing videos grouped by scene.

    For AI-based grouping, options include Grouping Criteria (By time of shooting or By similarity) and Grouping Granularity (Fine, Normal, Coarse, or Specify the number of groups).

    Video list area on the editing screen, with videos grouped by scene. The AI grouping button in the upper right is highlighted.