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    Master Cut (Beta)

    Creating projects

    Create a project.

    1. Select [New project] in the upper left of the home screen.
      Home screen. The New project button in the upper left is highlighted.
    2. In the Create a new project dialog, enter Name (required) and Memo.
      • You can change the name and Memo later on the screens for editing or managing projects. (Edit properties)
    3. Select [Create].

      A new project is created and stored in the cloud, in Master Cut (Beta).
      The video editing screen is displayed, and the Import video dialog appears.

      • Projects you have created are shown on the home screen (Recent projects) and the project management screen.

    Exiting and resuming Master Cut (Beta)

    • Closing the browser will exit Master Cut (Beta).
    • Projects are regularly autosaved as you edit them.
    • To resume editing, select the project on the home or project management screen, which will open the video editing screen.