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    Uploading images

    Upload images imported on your smartphone (Creators' App) to the cloud (Creators' Cloud).

    • Availability of cloud storage varies by country or region, and [Cloud] may not be displayed.
    1. Select (Storage) at the bottom of the screen.
      Storage Screen of the application. The option "Storage" at the bottom -right of the screen is highlighted.
    2. Select [Select], or press and hold any of the images to display the selection screen.
      App storage screen. [Select] is located in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. Select the images you want to upload.
      App selection screen. Check marks are placed in the center and right images.
    4. Select (Upload) to upload the images.
      App selection screen. The upload icon in the upper right corner of the screen is highlighted.
    • You can also tap an image in ② to view it as a single image, then select (Upload) at the bottom of the screen to upload it.
    • The uploaded photos will be displayed on the [Cloud] tab. If they are not displayed, tap [Cloud] again to refresh the screen.

    Automatic uploading and manual uploading

    You can upload images to the cloud manually or automatically.
    By default, uploading is performed manually. Follow the steps from ① to ④ above for uploading.
    Automatic cloud uploading is also available for images imported to a smartphone. Set the upload folder destination and images to upload in (Settings) in the upper right corner of the screen, and turn on [Automatic upload of imported images] before importing.
    Screen after [Settings] is selected on the storage screen. "ON" is highlighted for automatic uploading.

    • The transferred images are placed in the CA_IMAGES folder. Select the relevant folder to display it in an album or camera roll.