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    Starting Creators' App (Home Screen)

    1. On your smartphone, launch Creators' App.
      Creators' App icon
    2. Perform the desired operation.
      • Once you launch the Creators' App, the following screen is displayed.
      • Available features vary by country or region. The corresponding items may not be displayed.
      The home screen of the application. A, B, and C are at the top of the screen from left to right, followed by D, E, F, and G arranged down the center and H at the very bottom.
      • A. Uploading status: Tap to view the uploading history.
      • B. Notifications: Displays notifications.
      • C. User Information: Shows User Information and App/Service information. Here, you can change your plan and for an additional fee increase your storage capacity, in some countries or regions. (See "Tell me how and where I can sign up for or change a storage plan.")
      • D. Connected camera: Displays cameras connected by the Bluetooth function. You can change the camera name from [Edit Device Name] on the menu of the camera.
      • E. Imported Images: Displays images imported into the Imaging Edge Mobile Plus.
      • F. Images in the Cloud: Shows images uploaded to Creators' Cloud.
      • G. Recommended app: Shows apps recommended for you.
      • H. Switch screens: Appearance varies depending on the smartphone used.
        • Home Screen
        • Cameras Screen: You can perform remote operations of the camera, and view images that are on the camera.
        • Storage Screen: You can view images imported to Creators' App or uploaded to the cloud.
        • Discover Screen: On this website, you can interact with other content creators.
    • Allow access to all photos if a message appears when you start Creators' App that asks for access to your photos. You should also approve use of location information (e.g.: Set precise location information to On).