Article ID : 00262121 / Last Modified : 04/05/2021

How to perform a Factory Data Reset

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    TV resetting is performed to restore the TV's condition when the TV does not work properly. A Factory Data Reset restores a TV back to the original settings at the time of purchase. 

    To perform a Factory Data Reset

    Step 1: On your remote controller, click on Home General Settings  Device Preferences  About Factory Reset Delete Everything.

    Step 2: Enter your Pin code. The TV will reboot automatically and return to factory settings.

    Important: A Factory Data Reset will clear all of your customized settings including the parental lock setting and the following: 

    • Google Accounts 
    • System & Applications data 
    • Downloaded Applications. 
    • Channels 
    • Wireless network settings 
    • Some of the application's data might be recovered if Apps synced with your Google Account.

    Unable to open Home menu?

    To open Home menu

    On your remote controller, click on Help → How to use your TV → Help Guide → Settings → Configuring the TV → TV Settings → General Settings → Device Preferences → Reset → Factory Data Reset → Erase Everything? → Yes.