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Android TV™ OS update information for the XH90 and XH92 series

    IMPORTANT: This article applies only to specific products and/or operating systems. Check Applicable Products and Categories for details.

    A major software update is scheduled to begin in October of 2021 for your Android TV model. This article explains new and enhanced features and other changes provided with this update.

    Menu and Interface Changes

    • Settings menu changes
      After the update, the Settings menus will be located on the left side of the screen, and the details of the selected content will be displayed on the right side.

      In addition, some of the setting names and locations will be changed. For example, after the update, Device Preferences will be called System.

    Major Function changes

    • Restricted profile function
      The Restricted profile in Security & restrictions sections under Device Preferences will no longer be supported after this update. Please use the Parental controls function to enjoy apps and video streaming services in a safe way. Follow the steps below to set Parental controls:
      On the remote control, press the  (Quick Settings) button, then select Parental controls. You can set the following Parental controls features so that children can safely use the TV:
      • Restrict TV channels and use of external inputs
      • Restrict use of apps
      • Restrict TV usage time
    • BRAVIA Sync function
      After the update, the Sync Menu will no longer be shown from Quick Settings. To operate BRAVIA Sync-compatible devices from the TV, on the remote control, use the  (Input select) button to select the device you want to operate.

    New & Enhanced Features

    • Living Decor
      Living Decor allows you to use your TV as a photo frame, clock, or make it look like a part of your interior. The amount of available Living Decor content will be increased over time with future updates. Living Decor can be started from the apps list.

    • Timers & Clock
      The Alarm function is added to the timer functions and you can display a clock on the television screen. Timers & Clock can be selected from the apps list. 
      NOTE: For OLED models, the clock cannot be displayed all the time to avoid image retention.
    • Improvement of TV Menu
      • Easy channel registration of favourites and recording
        On the remote control, and from the TV menu, use the up arrow button to easily register your favourite channels or start recording a channel.

      • Enabled adding Most watched in the TV menu and Guide
        A Most watched option will be added in the TV menu and Guide, which allows you to select the channel and display the program list for the channel.
        This feature will take a certain period of time before it will be added.
    • Easy registration of USB HDD
      After the update, you can register the USB HDD for recording without the need of formatting it first on a computer.