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Termination of BBC iPlayer services on 2011-2012 Sony Blu-Ray players and Home Cinema Systems

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    Why is the BBC iPlayer service terminated?

    The BBC iPlayer service will no longer work on Sony Blu-Ray players and Blu-ray Home Cinema Systems (2011 & 2012 models) from October 22, 2020, onwards. 
    Because the BBC updated its iPlayer application with new security certificates, they no longer support our older Sony devices. 

    The BBC already released the following notice, which should have been displayed on your Blu-Ray Player. 

    BBC iPlayer notification

    What are my alternatives? 

    To find out different ways to use the BBC iPlayer, visit the BBC support website

    Which Sony Blu-Ray players and Home Cinema Systems are affected by this change?

    The following models will no longer be able to use the BBC iPlayer:

    • BDP-S390
    • BDP-S490
    • BDP-S495
    • BDP-S590
    • BDP-S790 
    • BDP-S1200
    • BDP-S3200
    • BDP-S4200
    • BDP-S6200
    • BDP-S7200
    • BDP-S1100
    • BDP-S3100
    • BDP-S4100
    • BDP-S5100
    • BDV-N5200W
    • BDV-N7200W
    • BDV-N9200W
    • BDVN9200WL
    • BDV-NF7220