Article ID : 00245569 / Last Modified : 07/05/2020

Flickering display solved by automatic software update – Xperia L4

    Flickering display after using the front cam 

    Sony engineers have identified a problem in software version 57.0.A.1.73. of the Xperia L4 that might cause your screen to flicker after you use the front selfie-cam with the flash function. We understand that this can disturb your user experience when scrolling, browsing or using your phone in general. 

    Quick solution 

    For now, you can solve the flickering screen by restarting your phone

    How do I check my software version? 

    You can check your current software version by going to
    Settings → Support → Software

    Help is underway: automatic update 

    To counter this problem, Sony is designing a permanent fix with the utmost urgency that will be implemented in the upcoming firmware version (57.0.A.1.125 and upwards). As it is currently under development, you will soon automatically receive it when your phone is connected to the internet. 

    Alternatively, you can manually check available Xperia software updates by going to 
    Settings → Support → Software → Xperia system update 

    It will be listed there once it becomes available.