Article ID : 00245354 / Last Modified : 25/05/2020

A picture while holding the product in your hand is needed to make your claim valid

    To make sure your claim is valid, we need a picture of your product sticker while you hold the product in your hand


    • Take the picture while holding the product in your hand, clearly showing the full serial number sticker. Your hand should be visible too.
    • Make sure to show the sticker with the serial number and model name.  For lenses, in case you do not manage to put the serial number and the model name in one picture, please make two separate pictures as we need both items to validate your claim. Upload the picture with the full serial number when creating your claim on the personal details page. To send us the second picture that shows the model name, please reply to registration confirmation email you will receive shortly after you submit your claim and attach this additional picture.
    • When you take the picture of your product sticker(s), please make sure that:
      • it is not blurry
      • it is taken under good light conditions
      • your hand is visible on the picture too
      • and the full sticker is visible.


    Example 1


    Example 2