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How can I activate Catalyst Browse installed on a computer without an Internet connection?

    You need to activate Catalyst Browse using the Sony Creative Software Inc. website before using it.
    If the computer on which you’ve installed Catalyst Browse isn’t connected to the Internet, prepare another computer with an Internet connection and activate Catalyst Browse as follows.

    In order to register Catalyst Browse offline, first install the software on the offline computer.
    The following message appears when the software starts for the first time.

    Write down the 16-digit Machine ID shown in the window. Leave this registration window open.
    (Don’t use the ID shown. This is only an example.)
    Next, use the computer with an Internet connection and display the Catalyst Browse activation page.

    You’ll be asked to log in to your Sony Creative Software account on this page.
    If you don’t have an account, fill in the form on the right to create a new account.
    After you’ve logged in, display the Catalyst Browse activation page.

    Enter the Machine ID shown on the offline computer in the displayed field, and click [SUBMIT].

    The link to download the Catalyst Browse licence file appears on the next page.
    Right-click the link and save the file in a flash drive or other portable storage that can be connected to the offline computer.

    Connect the drive that contains the licence file to the offline computer.
    Next, click the blue button to install the licence file in the registration window on the offline computer.
    This opens the Open File window to allow you to search for the downloaded licence file.

    Open the file in the window to activate Catalyst Browse.