Article ID : 00226633 / Last Modified : 25/10/2019

Termination of the VEWD TV Store on Sony's 2012-2018 TVs - 25th April 2019

    Dear Valued Sony Customer,

    Due to the expiration of the contract between the service provider and Sony, the VEWD TV Store will no longer be available on Sony TVs after 25th June 2019

    The VEWD TV Store (previously known as Opera TV store) will be removed from affected TV models and will not be accessible after 25th June 2019.

    We thank you for your understanding and apologise for any inconvenience.

    NOTE: The Internet browser is not affected by this termination. If you have the Internet browser on your TV, you'll still be able to use it as intended.

    [Affected models - FY12-18 Series]

    2012 BRAVIA models

    • EX55* and EX65* Series
    • HX75*, HX85*, HX95* and X90** Series

    2013 BRAVIA models

    • W60*A, W65*A, W68*A, W80*A, W85*A and W90*A Series
    • X85**A, X90**A, and S99*A Series

    2014 BRAVIA models

    • X950*B, X90**B, X850*B and S900*B Series
    • W95*B, W8**B, W7**B, W60*B and W58*B Series

    2015 BRAVIA models

    • R55*C, R50*C and W705C Series

    2016 BRAVIA models

    • WD75*, WD65* and WD60* Series
    • WD655 Series

    2017 BRAVIA models

    • XE70**, WE75** and WE6** Series 
    • RE4** and RE3** Series

    2018 BRAVIA models

    • XF70**, WF6** and RF4** Series

    Unsure which TV series your model belongs to? Here are some examples:

    • KDL-55HX955
    • KDL-46W905A
    • KD-85X9505B
    • KDL-48R550C
    • KDL-49WD755
    • KD-55XE7002
    • KDL-49WE755
    • KD-65XF7005
    • KDL-50WF660
    • KD-65XG7093
    • KDL-50WG665