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Data Recovery Service

    Experiencing problems with your media? Accidentally lost data?Sony Free Data Recovery Service

    Sony is here to help. Because we understand how important content is for professionals, we at Sony, are committed to keeping yours safe. Try our Faulty Product and Data Recovery service if you’re facing issues.


    How does our Faulty Product & Data recovery service work?

    1. Warranty: Check that your product is within its warranty period – contact your reseller or retailer if you’re unsure.
    2. ​​E-mail our Customer Information Centre (CIC) with details of the issues you are facing. Include your country of residence.
      Our CIC staff will guide you step-by-step through the process you need to follow. Contact us here. 
      Tip: We will need to see an original proof of purchase (invoice/receipt) with each product claim so save time by scanning and attaching it to your e-mail!
    3. Replacement & recovery: Sony will replace your product under warranty, and our specialist staff will try to recover your data. We will utilise all the systems and techniques we have in place to ensure the best possible chance of recovering lost content. However, data retrieval is not guaranteed.
      Let's explain the process: 

      1. You send in your card/device for recovery. 

      2. Our staff tries to recover the data from that card/device. 

      3. In case data recovery is successful, the card/device itself is analysed for possible issues. 
        If the analysis is positive, our staff transfers the restored data back to the original functional card/device

      4. If the card/device no longer functions, the restored data will be assigned to a new card. 

      5. If recovery should fail, we will notify you, and together we will discuss further possible steps. For example, you might want to try different options. Alternatively, we can continue to proceed to test the card/device or return
        it untouched. 

      6. Finally, with your consent, we can fully test the card/device: after running a diagnostics test, we will initialise the memory cells of the card/device. However, this means it won't be possible to make any further recovery attempt.


    How much does this service cost? 

    To use our Data Recovery Service, you are only responsible for your product shipping costs to Sony Belgium. Sony covers all other expenses: replacement, recovery and reshipping of your product. 


    What products are eligible for the Data Recovery Service?

    • Portable storage: Data recovery is only possible if the bare (internal) HDD is ok
    • Professional RAID: Data recovery is only possible if bare (internal) HDD is ok and "RAID1" configuration is used 
    CategoryPortable StorageProfessional RAIDProfessional SSDXQD G SeriesXQD M Series
    Model NamePSZ-HA1PSZ-RA4TSV-GS48QD-G32EQD-M32A


    CategorySxS PRO+SxS-1CFastSDExternal SSD
    Model NameSBP-64ESBS-32G1CCAT-G32SF-G32SL-EG2