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Blank screen and flashing amber/green LED displayed after performing software update

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If the following symptoms occur, please try the steps listed below:

  1. Download your model's firmware update from the support website. Un-zip and copy the extracted software package file to the root of an empty USB stick (don't put the file in a sub-folder)
  2. Un-plug the TV from the mains/electrical socket
  3. Plug TV into the mains/electrical socket and wait for  approximately 20 seconds
  4. Turn the TV ON using the POWER button on remote control
  5. Insert the USB stick with the software package into a USB slot located on the side of the TV
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions
  7. First, the TV will copy the file from USB stick, then the POWER indicator will start flashing under "Updating process" (white colour for  approximately 5 minutes). An update icon will be shown on-screen under "Updating"
    updating icon
  8. After approximately 30 minutes, the TV will reboot to complete the update
    CAUTION: During the firmware installation process, do not remove the USB device, switch off the TV set or remove the power.
  9. When the firmware update is complete, a message will be displayed on the TV
  10. It is now safe to remove your USB stick from the USB slot