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Digital Imaging Cashback Campaign promotion

    Digital Imaging Cashback Campaign promotion


    1.    How do I participate in the promotion?


    STEP 1

    Purchase one of the eligible models  between October 17th 2018 – January 31st 2019 from a participating retailer  in order to claim your cashback.


    STEP 2

    Enter the campaign website (for UK or for IE) and click on the “Claim” button to register. Claims must be made online from thirty (30) days after the date of purchase, and no later than March 31st 2019 otherwise they will not be accepted.

    Customer purchased RX100M4 on the 17th of October 2018 on £50 Cashback for the promotion duration. Customer can submit his claim at any time from the 17th of November to the 31st of March. Only the claims submitted before the 17th of November (less than 30 days after the purchase) or after the 31st of March (outside of the claims deadline) will be rejected.

    Note: Claims can be submitted between 17.11.2018–31.03.2019.


    STEP 3

    Log-in or create a MySony account and fill in the campaign form by providing the following details:

    ·         Your product information: model, serial number, purchase date and retailer

    ·         Your personal details: name, email address, postal address, bank details and telephone number

    ·         Your proof of purchase

    ·         A picture of your serial number

    After providing this information, please click on the “Submit” button.


    STEP 4

    After submitting your form, you’ll be redirected to a confirmation page and an email confirming your registration will be sent to your email address. Your registration code is an 8-digit number that will be displayed in the e-mail subject line. This code will also act as a reference number in case you have any questions about the campaign.


    STEP 5

    If your claim meets the terms and conditions of the promotion, you will receive your designated cashback within 28 days of your claim being validated. If you’d like to check the status of your cashback claim, please click on the “See the status of your claim” link on the campaign homepage.

    -       Go here for UK claims

    -       Go here for IE claims



    2.    Why do I need to submit my proof of purchase?
    We need a proof of purchase to check that your entry meets the terms and conditions of the promotion.

    3.    Why do I need to submit my model name and serial number?
    This cuts down the paperwork for you, as we can look up the serial number to check your eligibility for the promotion.


    4.    The website says that my serial number is not recognised, why is that?
    Check that you entered the serial number correctly. If you're certain that the information is correct, your model may not be included in this promotion.


    5.    I received a message that my claim is incomplete. What should I do now?
    Please send us the information requested in the message as soon as possible, so we can confirm your participation in the promotion. If you don't reply within 10 days, we can't guarantee that you will receive your cashback.


    6.    I bought my product in the UK or in Ireland; however, I don’t have a bank account in the UK or in Ireland. Can I still participate in the cashback promotion?
    Unfortunately, only customers with a bank account in the UK or the Republic of Ireland are eligible to participate in this promotion. This promotion only applies to products that have been supplied and distributed by Sony within the UK and Republic of Ireland. Successful cashback payments will be sent via bank transfer to accounts operated by a financial institution located in the UK, Republic of Ireland or Isle of Man.


    7.    I have sent my proof of purchase (and other documents) to a postal address provided by my local retailer. However, I have not heard anything about my claim...
    Unfortunately, claims sent by post are not valid. Please log-in or register online and provide the necessary information (see step 3).


    8.    I have submitted a claim for three (3) products, but I’m only entitled to cashback for one (1) product. Why am I not eligible for the other products?
    Each claim should be made separately on our website. At the end of each successful claim, you will have the chance to file a new claim. Please click on the “Claim another product” button to add a claim for another product.

               NOTE: A maximum of three (3) claims can be made per customer (and only one claim per product).


    If you are still having any trouble claiming your cashback, please contact us for further assistance:

    Customers in the UK

    Customers from the Republic of Ireland