Article ID : 00157052 / Last Modified : 26/08/2016

The illumination LED seems to be deformed or damaged, or the organic glass or passive radiator is cracked or broken

    Illumination LED:

    If the LED on your device seems to be deformed or damaged, Sony strongly recommends for you to go back to your dealer with the product, because it may cause a malfunction or another component may be damaged during use - even if the illumination LED seems to light up normally.

    If a part of the illumination LED does not light up or it has a flicker that vibrates, please immediately stop using the product and contact your dealer or Sony.

    IMPORTANT: The illumination LED might seem to be bent or deformed from the start, but that does not indicate a malfunction. The shape, brightness, colour of the illumination LED may have individual differences because it is made by hand. It is from the design purpose of the speaker and does not affect function or performance.

    Organic glass or passive radiator:

    Please stop using the product immediately and go back to your dealer, because the inside may be damaged even if an abnormality in function or sound quality may not be apparent. The symptom of the damaged part may become worse. Please be careful about handling because it may cause a body injury if you touch it.