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Troubleshooting regarding playback through the USB-A port of the unit

    NOTE: This article only applies to specific products. Please check the Applicable Products at the bottom of this article.



    A certain track was skipped while playing files in the device connected to the USB-A port. The file may not be playable with this product. This product automatically skips files that are not supported, such as files with DRM.
    This product does not start playback soon after turning the product on and connecting a device to the USB-A port.

    Due to the start-up time of the internal system and the reading time of the USB flash drive, it will take time to start playback after turning the power on. The LED for USB-A flashes when the power is turning on and when reading a USB flash drive. Try playing back after the flashing stops.

    Playback does not start after inserting a USB flash drive into the USB-A port and pressing the PLAY button. Refer to the following link:
    A device connected to the USB-A or USB FRONT connector cannot be played back.

    NOTE: When you cannot operate devices (USB flash drive, etc.) connected to the USB-A port by using Music Center (SongPal), refer to the next Q&A.

    A song list is not displayed when using Music center (SongPal) to operate a device connected to the USB-A port. When using Music Center (SongPal) to operate a device (USB flash drive, etc.) connected to the USB-A port, turn on the product, wait until the LED of USB-A stops flashing and lights up, and then operate the device.
    When a list is not displayed with the USB-A function, return to the Music screen, confirm that the LED of USB-A has stopped flashing and lit up, and then select the USB device again.
    Files on the USB flash drive connected to the USB-A port, cannot be played back in the planned order by the remote control. This product plays files in alphabetical order. Add numbers to the font of the file names in the order of playback. Or, you can play files in the planned order by using Music Center (SongPal).