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How to set up a wired internet connection for my TV

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In order to correctly establish a LAN (Local Area Network) network, at least the following conditions must be fulfilled.
  • Your TV must be internet enabled. If you are not sure about this, please check in the specifications.
  • You will need a subscription with an internet provider.
  • You need a modem/router and LAN cables (Ethernet cables).
If above conditions are met, you should be able to establish a network.

How to establish a wired LAN network

A typical setup will look like below.


The steps to follow are the following.

1. Set up your LAN router, following the instructions from the router provider.

2. On the TV remote, press HOME > Settings > Network > Network Setup. The start-up screen appears.

3. Select Wired Setup > Auto or Custom.

[Auto]: Allows automatic configuration of your wired network.
[Custom]: Allows manual configuration of the IP address and proxy server.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

A network error has occured

In case you cannot establish a network connection, or when you are getting an error code, please try below troubleshooting.

No Bravia Internet Video services available or no Internet connection

An error code is displayed on my TV screen