Article ID : 00107505 / Last Modified : 23/02/2015

Frequently Asked Questions related to Noise Cancelling

    You can find here below a summary of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Noise Cancelling feature.

    If the playback device I am using has built-in noise cancelling, do I still need to use noise cancelling headphones to enjoy the feature?
    Yes, if the device you are playing content from features built-in noise cancelling, the original bundled headphones are required in order to enjoy the noise cancelling function. You may use standard headphones with the device and listen to content, but then the noise cancelling function cannot be activated.

    When using noise cancelling headphones, do I also need a noise cancelling playback device in order to enjoy the feature?
    No, headphones featuring noise cancelling will operate independently from the playback device they are connected to. These types of headphones can be connected to any device and will still provide the noise cancelling function.