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Where is the light sensor located on my TV?

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The light sensor is located near the Sony logo (lower center position of the TV). Please do not put any object near the sensor position and avoid direct sunlight in order to ensure good working conditions for light detection function.

Applicable models


KD-55X9005A     KDL-42W654A
KD-65X9005A     KDL-42W655A
KDL-24W603A    KDL-42W656A
KDL-24W605A    KDL-42W805A
KDL-32W600A    KDL-42W807A
KDL-32W603A    KDL-42W808A
KDL-32W605A    KDL-42W809A
KDL-32W650A    KDL-46W905A
KDL-32W651A    KDL-47W805A
KDL-32W653A    KDL-47W807A
KDL-32W654A    KDL-47W808A
KDL-32W655A    KDL-47W809A
KDL-32W656A    KDL-55W805A
KDL-40W905A    KDL-55W807A
KDL-42W650A    KDL-55W808A
KDL-42W651A    KDL-55W809A
KDL-42W653A    KDL-55W905A