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Is the Walkman player compatible with audio books downloaded from public library?

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Walkman MP3 players support audiobooks in both MP3 and WMA format. However, please refer to the model specific information below regarding compatibility.

Models compatible with WM-DRM 10/copyright-protected WMA files

Below models work with Overdrive WMA for both DRM and NON-DRM book files and are compatible with WM-DRM 10/copyright-protected WMA files:

  • NWZ A726 A728 A729 Series
  • NWZ A815 A816 A818 Series
  • NWZ A826 A828 A829 Series
  • NWZ A864 A865 A866 A867 Series
  • NWZ E343 E344 E345 Series
  • NWZ E353 E354 E355 Series
  • NWZ E373 E374 E375 Series
  • NWZ E435F E436F E438F Series
  • NWZ E453 E454 E455 Series
  • NWZ E463 E464 E465 E463K E464K E463HK Series
  • NWZ S515 S516 Series
  • NWZ S615F S616F S618F Series
  • NWZ S636F S638F S639F Series
  • NWZ S715F S716F S718F Series
  • NWZ S736F S738F S739F Series
  • NWZ S744 S745 Series
  • NWZ S754 S755 Series
  • NWZ S544 S545 Series
  • NWZ S763 S763BT S764 S764BT S765 Series
  • NWZ W202 Series
  • NWZ W252 Series
  • NWZ W262 W263 Series
  • NWZ X1050 X1051 X1060 X1061 Series

Models NOT compatible with WM-DRM 10/copyright-protected WMA files

Below models (2012 and up) will work with Overdrive WMA but only for NON-DRM book files. They are NOT compatible with WM-DRM 10/copyright-protected WMA files. To play audio books, the files will need to be in non-DRM WMA or MP3 audio format.

  • NWZ E363 E364 Series
  • NWZ E383 E384 E385 Series
  • NWZ E473 E474 E475 E473K E474K Series
  • NWZ E573 E574 E575 Series
  • NWZ E583 E584 E585 Series
  • NWZ F804 F805 F806 Series
  • NWZ F886 Series
  • NWZ W273 W274 Series
  • NWZ Z1040 Z1050 Z1060 Series
  • NWZ ZX1 Series