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The Action Cam does not turn on

    Check to see if the battery pack can be charged without any problem, and if the camera turns on.

    1. Attach the battery and turn off the power of the camera.
      NOTE: Charging is not possible when the camera is turned on.
    2. Open the connector cover of your camera and connect the micro USB cable (supplied) to the camera.
    3. Connect the other end of the micro USB cable to the PC.
    4. Check that the CHG (Charge) lamp of the camera lights in amber. Charging is complete when the lamp turns off (full charge).

      The images below are examples.

       Image    Image
       FDR-X1000V     HDR-AS200V

      Connector cover
      [B]: Micro USB cable
      [C]: REC/access/CHG (Charge) lamp

      NOTE: If the CHG (Charge) lamp flashes while charging, check the following.
      • The battery pack may not be properly attached to the camera. Remove the battery pack from the camera, and reattach it in the correct direction.
      • The temperature of the battery pack may be too high or low. Remove the battery pack from the camera, wait until it returns to a normal temperature, and reattach it.
      • The battery pack may be damaged.
    If the symptom does not improve even after charging, there may be a problem with the battery pack.
    Try using another battery, if you have any, and check the symptom improves.

    If the issue is still unresolved, the product may need to be repaired.