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Mac OS X v10.11 (El Capitan) compatibility information for Application Software

    We have checked the operation of the application softwares listed on this page that were released October 2015 or earlier.

    IMPORTANT: Operation is not guaranteed for all computers.

    ✓ : Compatible
    - : Not Compatible
    ? : Under Evaluation

    Application Software Version Applicable Product Categories OS X v10.11
    (El Capitan)
    PlayMemories Home 3.1.00  or later Handycam
    α (Alpha)
    Action Cam
    Bloggie / Webbie
    Digital Recording Binoculars

    Image Data Converter 4.2.05 or later Handycam
    α (Alpha)
    Remote Camera Control 3.6.00 or later Cyber-shot
    α (Alpha)
    Action Cam Movie Creator 3.1.00  or later Action Cam

    MVR studio 1.0.02 or later Music Video Recorder
    Wireless Auto Import 1.3.16 or later Handycam
    α (Alpha)