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How to register for a Sony promotional campaign

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    IMPORTANT: This article provides a general overview of how to register for a Sony campaign. The exact terms and conditions vary by promotion and country/region. 

    There are numerous benefits to having a My Sony account, including the opportunity to participate in promotional campaigns run by Sony.

    By registering your Sony product and submitting a claim on a dedicated campaign website, you could receive free official Sony products and/or cashback on eligible items such as Alpha cameras and accessories, BRAVIA TVs, soundbars, and more.

      How do I register for a campaign? 

      Before you start:
      • Applicable products differ based on the campaign and country of purchase.
      • Most promotions only apply to the purchase of new products (not secondhand, returned, or refurbished) which have been supplied and distributed by Sony in the eligible countries/regions.
      • To submit a claim for a promotion, you must purchase an eligible model during the promotion period from a participating retailer.

      Follow the steps below to register for a campaign:

      1. First, you'll need to create or log in to your My Sony account. If you don't already have an account, you can create one by visiting Sony's official product registration site and selecting your country from the list provided. 
        • After successfully creating your My Sony account and registering your product, you’ll receive an email with the subject line: Thanks for registering your product.
      2. Visit the Sony website (click or tap the link and select your country from the list provided).
      3. Scroll down to Promotions and Offers (usually located in the middle of the page).
      4. Click on the relevant tab (e.g. Claim your Winter Cashback, Welcome to Alpha, etc.).
      5. On the campaign website, click on the blue claim button (e.g. Claim cashback). 

      6. You'll be redirected to the My Sony login page where you can sign in to your account.
        • If you haven't registered your product yet, you can do so on the My Sony homepage by selecting [Register a product].
        • Refer to this article for more details: How to register a product in My Sony.
      7. Fill in the campaign form by providing the following information.

      The exact information you need to provide may be different for each campaign. Refer to the promotion terms and conditions for specific details.

      Your purchase details

      Check Yes (or No)

      Your personal details

      Proof of purchase


      • If your claim is incomplete (e.g. missing documents), you’ll receive an email from us with further details. Please respond as soon as possible with the requested information so we can confirm your participation in the promotion. If we don’t hear from you within 14 days, we can’t guarantee your eligibility.
      • Claims sent by post are not valid. Please create or log in to your My Sony account and submit your claim online.

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      What if my Sony account is linked to a different country/region? 

      Your My Sony account and email address are linked to a specific country. If you attempt to log in from a region other than the one your account is linked to (e.g. You have a Belgian My Sony account but are using the UK site), you'll be given the option to stay on the current page or go to the country website where your email address is registered.

      Note: It's not possible to register the same email address for more than one region. In addition, you can only submit a claim on the website of the country where you purchased the product.

      You can either:

      • Go to the country website where your account is linked to (or where you purchased the product) and log in there (e.g. Belgium My Sony).
      • If you really want to access a different regional page (e.g. to purchase a product online, submit a claim, etc.), you can:
        • Create an account for that region using a different email address.
        • Delete your original account and create a new account on the country website of your choice. You can then use the same email address as before.

      After signing in to your account, you’ll be able to register your Sony product and file a claim.

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      When can I submit a claim? 

      Some promotions require a waiting period before you can submit a claim (e.g. 30 days). Refer to the campaign terms and conditions for more information.

      • Example: If you purchase an eligible product on 1 November 2023 and the campaign has a 30-day waiting period, you can submit your claim at any time beginning on 1 December 2023. If the claims deadline is 15 March 2024, you have until that date to submit your request.
        • For this example, the following dates would be considered outside of the promotion period: 
          • Before 1 December 2023 (less than 30 days after the purchase date).
          • After 15 March 2024 (outside of the claims deadline).
      Keep in mind the following:
      • Claims submitted after the deadline will be rejected.
      • We can only accept your claim if you purchased your product during the dates listed for the promotion (purchase period) and you submit your claim within the allowed timeframe (claim period). Please note that the purchase period and claim period may differ.
      • Each claim should be made separately on our website. At the end of each successful claim, you’ll have the chance to file a new one by selecting [Claim another product].

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      How can I check the status of my claim? 

      1. After uploading your information, click the [Submit] button. You’ll be redirected to a confirmation page, and a confirmation email will be sent to your mailbox.
        • Your registration code is an 8-digit number that will be displayed in the email subject line. This code will also act as a reference number in case you have any questions about the promotion.
      2. You can check the status of your claim by selecting [See the status of your claim] on the campaign homepage. 

        Alternatively, you can go directly to the Claim Status page: 
      3. On the Claim Status page, fill in the Claim ID provided in the body of the confirmation email and select [Submit].

      An automated confirmation email will be sent when your claim is submitted and another email when your claim is accepted. Should we need any further information, a separate email will be sent to you. Please make sure to check the Spam/Junk folder of your mailbox.


      • Any missing or incorrect information could lead to a processing delay and/or rejection of your claim(s).
      • The maximum number of claims you can submit varies by promotion and country of purchase. Please refer to the specific campaign website for more details.

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      When will I receive my cashback payment or promotional gift? 

      We cannot provide an exact date as to when you will receive your cashback payment or promotional gift as this depends on the campaign terms and conditions.

      However, most cashback rewards should be available within 28 days following the validation of your claim. This means you should receive your payment within 28 days after your claim has been successfully validated, not 28 days after the product registration date or date of purchase. We cannot be held responsible for claims from retailers/sellers that suggest otherwise.

      If your claim is successful, the cashback payment will show in your bank statement under names such as WorldPay or Link Network.

      For most fulfilment campaigns, your promotional gift delivery should happen within 30-60 days after your claim is accepted.

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      Sony Privacy Policy 

      For more on how we collect and use your personal information, how we protect it, and how you can contact us, please visit the Sony Privacy Center.

      This page offers:

      • A detailed explanation of the privacy policy
      • An overview of the cookie policy and how to set your third-party preferences
      • Answers to your Frequently Asked Questions
      • A glossary of common privacy terminology

      To submit an Individual Rights Request, go to the Contact Us section of the Privacy Policy page and click the first link to access the online web form. You'll need to submit your request via this portal to ensure we can verify your identity and the validity of your request.

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