Article ID : 00186029 / Last Modified : 03/01/2018

macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) Compatibility Information for Application Software

Applicable Products and Categories of This Article

We have checked the operation of the application softwares listed on this page.

IMPORTANT: Operation is not guaranteed for all computers.

✓ : Compatible
- : Not Compatible
? : Under Evaluation

Application Software Version Applicable Product Categories macOS High Sierra
Imaging Edge (Remote/Viewer/Edit) 1.0.00 or later Cyber-shot
α (Alpha)
PlayMemories Home 3.6.00 or later Handycam
α (Alpha)
Action Cam
Bloggie / Webbie
Digital Recording Binoculars
Image Data Converter 5.1.00 or later Handycam
α (Alpha)

Remote Camera Control 3.8.01 or later Cyber-shot
α (Alpha)

Action Cam Movie Creator 3.6.00 or later Action Cam  
MVR Studio 1.0.02 or later Music Video Recorder *2
PlayMemories Camera Apps - Cyber-shot
α (Alpha)

*1 64-bit only

*2 Only audio may be played during video playback. Normal playback is possible by using the seek bar.