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The camera does not recognize the lens and an error message is displayed.

    This solution applies to both of the following error messages:

    • Check the Lens attachment.
    • No Lens Attached.

    Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue. If model-specific information is required to complete any of the steps in this solution, refer to the operating instructions supplied with the product.

    1. Make sure you are using a compatible lens.
      To check the list of compatible lenses for your camera, refer to the following Web:
      Lens compatible information Web

      IMPORTANT: If attaching the camera body to an astronomical telescope or other similar device, (depending on your camera) it will be necessary to do one of the following:

      • Set the mode dial to Manual (M).
      • Set the Release w/oLens option in the camera menu to Enable.
      • Set the Shutter lock option in the camera menu to Off: no lens.

      NOTE: Some Lensbaby lenses may attach to the camera body. However, Lensbaby lenses do not communicate electronically with the camera body and cannot be recognized. Sony does not support the use of Lensbaby lenses.

    2. Check if the lens is connected properly.

      NOTE: If the lens is not attached properly, the connection points that enable communication between the camera body and lens do not make contact. Do not push the lens release button, but turn the lens clockwise and attach to the camera body until it clicks. Below is an example of the lens release button location.

      Lens release button position (NEX-7)

    3. Turn off the camera.

    4. Remove the lens from the body of the camera.

    5. Examine the pins on the body of the camera that connect to the lens.

      If there is dirt on the contacts of the body or the lens, the camera body may not recognize the lens due to attachment failure. Wipe dirt from the contacts using a cotton swab or a dry soft cloth (cleaning cloth, etc.), then attach the lens to the camera body.


      • When wiping the dirt off, be careful to keep dust or debris from getting inside the camera body or the lens.
      • Take care not to touch the lens surface.
      • Do not use force but wipe lightly so as not to put pressure on the contacts of the body.

      Lens contacts

      Make sure nothing is covering or obstructing the metal contacts on the lens by cleaning the contacts.

      Body contacts

      • Ensure the pins are not bent.
      • Ensure nothing is covering or obstructing the pins.

      IMPORTANT: If the pins on the camera body are bent, then service will be required.

    6. If there are no bent pins or other obstructions, reattach the lens to the camera body.

    7. Turn on the camera.

    8. If the issue is still not resolved, try connecting a different lens (if available) to determine whether the problem is with the lens or the camera body.

    9. IMPORTANT: If the issue does not happen with other lenses, then the previous lens may require service. However, if the issue occurs with other lenses as well, then the camera body may require service. 

      NOTE: If the issue is not resolved and a lens from another manufacturer is being used, then the lens (or lens adapter) is most likely not compatible. Functionality of third-party lenses is not guaranteed. Even though a third-party lens may not be able to communicate with the camera for Auto Focus (AF) and Auto Exposure (AE), pictures may still be able to be taken by setting the camera to Manual (M), then manually setting the shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and focus.