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How to take pictures of fireworks.

    1. Mount the camera to a tripod.
    2. Set the shooting mode to Manual (M) control.
    3. Turn off the camera flash.
    4. Select a shutter speed - try between 5 and 10 seconds at first.

      NOTE: The suggested shutter speeds are simple guidelines. You may want to try experimenting with longer shutter speeds.

    5. Select an aperture - try between F8 and F16.

      NOTE: The suggested f-stops are simple guidelines for aperture. You may want to try experimenting with different f-stops values. However, using smaller apertures like this helps provide the necessary depth of field .

    6. Aim the camera in the direction of the fireworks.
    7. Adjust the focal length of the lens to the desired setting to frame the scene.
    8. If you have a lens hood attach it to the lens to reduce any ambient light from entering the lens.
    9. Set the camera to Manual Focus (MF) and adjust the focus to infinity.
    10. When you are ready to take the shot, press the shutter button.

      NOTE: As long as you time it properly, you may want to set the drive mode of the camera to the 2-second timer. After the shutter button is pressed, this gives the camera time to stabilize before the exposure starts and can help prevent unwanted vibration that may cause image blur.

    Remember, there is a relationship between aperture, shutter speed, and ISO . Keep this in mind when making adjustments in steps 4 and 5 above. Having the shutter open too long or the aperture open too much may cause the image to come out overexposed. Always experiment to see what works best in your situation.